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Trade and hold your GLDB anywhere, anytime. Be in full control of your gold, always!

1 GLDB = 1 gram of gold

The #1 Avalanche ecosystem native gold token.
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1:1 Backed

Every GLDB is backed by 1 gram of physical gold at all times.



Trade, hold, stake your GLDB on blockchain protocols and exchanges.



The underlying gold is kept safely in a vault with insurance coverage.



GLDB is the better gold and is under your control only.

Faster, Safer, Smarter, Digital!
The Golden Base
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How to buy GLDB?

Centralized Crypto Exchanges

The GLDB Ecosystem

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What is GLDB?

GLDBase (GLDB) is a token that is always backed by 1 gram of gold. GLDB can be traded 24/7 on various exchanges and DEXes. The underlying physical gold is kept safely in vaults ready to be delivered physically any time.

How does it work?

GLDB is deployed on the Ethereum and Avalanche blockchains and can be acquired on centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. GLDB is a cross-platform asset and will be offered on multiple blockchain protocols. GLDB is backed by insured physical gold at any time.

What is the advantage of owning physical gold on the blockchain?

Blockchain offers the advantage of representing legal ownership of physically allocated gold. Additionally physical gold on the blockchain does not have limited portability or high storage costs. Instead, it offers the divisibility and tradability such as any other digital coin. In other words, the best features of physical and digital assets are combined in GLDB.

How is GLDB different than other stablecoins?

GLDB is not linked to any kind of currency, central/decentralized bank and cryptocurrency product. GLDB is a cryptocurrency that is backed by 1 gram of gold at all times.

How can I buy GLDB?

GLDB can be bought on Bitronit, Uniswap and Pangolin. Along the way we will be adding more CEXes and DEXes. Follow us on social media for latest updates.

Do I need to buy 1 full GLDB?

No, also smaller amounts can be acquired.

How can I redeem GLDB?

GLDB owners can redeem their tokens for gold with a completed KYC and AML check. The minimum redemption amount is 1000 GLDB. The redemption fee is 1% of the transaction volume. Physical delivery is offered in IST-TR. Additional delivery options in the near future will be USA, MY, UAE, IN. For redemptions please contact us under

What are the fees associated with GLDB?

There is no fee associated with GLDB, other than the transaction fees that are required by central or decentralized crypto exchanges. Additionally, 1% commission fees and, if applicable, shipping fees (depending on the destination) will be subject to redemption. For redemptions please contact us under